Sunshine In An Empty Place

by Dark As Ink

DAI010Some people might disagree, but being a noob has its upsides. I feel like anyone who is joining  right now is getting some of  the best of what SL has to offer. I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for those who’ve been around 5 years +, having to use prims, and here I am, with 90% mesh items in my inventory. Not that prims doesn’t have its benefits, and mesh definitely has its kinks, but it’s pretty awesome the possibilities that SL has to offer. New round of Collabor88 items are available, and I think this one has been my favorite to date. Everyone is getting ready for the fall, and this new jacket from House of Fox is lovely. I got it in blue and paired it with this great print dress from Emery. I also have to say a huge thank you to Bibs, who gave me the landmark to this awesome store. She was such a sweetheart to talk to. Although, not sure my pockets are saying thanks… haha.

DAI011Lately my newer friendships have been forged due to me complimenting someone on their outfit. I met Vir Slade while browsing at Mon Tissu, when I didn’t know what to wear and my inspiration was lacking. He came through for me with this perfect location for my “fall” backdrop. Ever since Neva River has been closed for renovations, I’ve been missing it and have been looking for new places to hang out at. It’s prompted me to look around the area of stores, and emm shop is a gem for sure.
DAI012I’ve found it interesting how connected and disconnected people in SL can be. Case in point, chatting with Bibs at Collabor88 was nice, yet sometimes you’re in a store with another person, and neither of you will say a word/comment, or the person will tp out when they see someone is there. Just as there are new possibilities with products in SL, I think more than anything there’s the possibility of meeting someone who can turn out to mean a lot to you. I have my reservations about people who call SL a game, and really there’s no right or wrong way to use SL, because that’s in relation to the person. I could go on and on about this topic, but that’s not the point, point is to be open to new experiences. And I’ll stop there, before I sound like a fortune cookie, or a daily horoscope reading.

I also wanted to say a quick thanks to those who have taken the time read my ramblings, or who just take a look at my pictures. 😀

Lips – Red Lipgloss/DARK @ Lara Hurley Skin @ Vintage Fair 2012
Hair – Fade Into You (Rio) @ Exile
Necklace – Mother’s Pearl Necklace @ LaGyo @ Collabor88 (not shown)
Ring – Diamond Frame Ring @ Paper Couture
Dress – Samsa (Beige) @ Emery
Blazer – Scarlet Blazer (Blue) @ House of Fox @ Collabor88
Booties – CG (Black) @ whatever

Pose – Daija 3 @ Captivity Poses
Pose 2 – Smexy 6 @ aDORKable Poses
Pose 3 – Daija 2 @ Captivity Poses