I Don’t Start, I Don’t End

It has been a busy week, and writing here kept being bumped down on my to do list. Despite having quite a few outfits lined up to post about, I’ve had this stuck in my mind and knew I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures I liked until I did it. Didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, seeing as how taking hi-res images up close is pretty much impossible, unless I haven’t figured out yet…

Anyways, kind of in love with anything spikes lately, and Milk Motion has some nice spike bracelets in 3 tones. I finally caved into buying something from Puncture as well. I kept going back, eyeing the ┬ádimple piercings, and decided to just get them. If I find myself thinking about an item or something over and over, I can’t really move forward till it’s done. Hair is by Burley, which I wish I had changed my windlight settings before purchasing, but there’s a variety of shades so wasn’t hard to find something I liked to match my skin. Speaking of skins, I go and buy new ones or try demos, and nothing out there is as good the Ivy skin from the Body & co., they just know how I love my tan skin, and my brows for that matter.

Pictures taken at Chouchou.