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Sunshine In An Empty Place

DAI010Some people might disagree, but being a noob has its upsides. I feel like anyone who is joining  right now is getting some of  the best of what SL has to offer. I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for those who’ve been around 5 years +, having to use prims, and here I am, with 90% mesh items in my inventory. Not that prims doesn’t have its benefits, and mesh definitely has its kinks, but it’s pretty awesome the possibilities that SL has to offer. New round of Collabor88 items are available, and I think this one has been my favorite to date. Everyone is getting ready for the fall, and this new jacket from House of Fox is lovely. I got it in blue and paired it with this great print dress from Emery. I also have to say a huge thank you to Bibs, who gave me the landmark to this awesome store. She was such a sweetheart to talk to. Although, not sure my pockets are saying thanks… haha.

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Can You Still See The Heart Of Me


As much as I would like to set a time to post on this blog, I don’t want to force any creativity on my part, and I was not feeling it all this past week. Instead I just felt drained out by the end of it. I’ve also realized I’m just as bad in SL as I am in RL when deciding what to wear. I knew I wanted to use the Teawood prefab made for the Four Walls Hunt, which is still going on now. Lots of goodies and all of the items are easy to find. I don’t know about you, but I give up on hunts when I can’t find what I’m looking for. Hunts should be fun not frustrating. <<end tiny rant>>

I changed the textures to this dark/black wood texture by inSight  Designs Textures, who also have something in the hunt. Instantly set this dark mood for me, and I sifted through my windlight settings and settled on this slightly foggy/misty one. If you guys don’t know by now, I edit all of my images in PicMonkey and Photoshop, so the colors won’t be exact, personal preference is all.

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I Don’t Start, I Don’t End

It has been a busy week, and writing here kept being bumped down on my to do list. Despite having quite a few outfits lined up to post about, I’ve had this stuck in my mind and knew I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures I liked until I did it. Didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, seeing as how taking hi-res images up close is pretty much impossible, unless I haven’t figured out yet…

Anyways, kind of in love with anything spikes lately, and Milk Motion has some nice spike bracelets in 3 tones. I finally caved into buying something from Puncture as well. I kept going back, eyeing the  dimple piercings, and decided to just get them. If I find myself thinking about an item or something over and over, I can’t really move forward till it’s done. Hair is by Burley, which I wish I had changed my windlight settings before purchasing, but there’s a variety of shades so wasn’t hard to find something I liked to match my skin. Speaking of skins, I go and buy new ones or try demos, and nothing out there is as good the Ivy skin from the Body & co., they just know how I love my tan skin, and my brows for that matter.

Pictures taken at Chouchou.

Treading Water

I was not planning to post so soon, but after seeing Strawberry Singh’s Mirror Mirror post, I had to try it for myself! Finding the right spot where I was effortlessly floating on water was a pain, but so worth it at the end. Once I figured out how to position myself I couldn’t stop thinking how cool it was. Literally was saying “this is so cool!” whenever I would switch my windlight settings to see what the reflection would look like (lol, I know such a dork, but that’s me :P). Out of the bunch I chose this one. Would definitely recommend trying it yourself!

Lips – Crystal Lipstick V2 (red 5) @ .Pekka.
Eyeliner – Vintage Mature Complete Eyeliner – .Pekka. @ Vintage Fair 2012
Hair – Gloria Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ @ Vintage Fair 2012
Nails –
Gazellver Ring & Nail (Female) @ ROZOREGALIA
Earrings – Glamour Cross Hoops @ EY:NO
Corset –  Ninon (Ruby) – Ingenue @ COLLABOR88
Pants – Zoey Leather Pants @ erratic
Heels – COQUETE Platform (Dark Red) @ N-core
Clutch – Black clutch (gold) @ whatever

Pose – Touch Me @ aDORKable Poses

Location – Las Arenas Rosadas

Cooler Than Me

You got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear them around like you’re cooler than me.

“Cooler Than Me” – Mike Posner

Originally I was going to make a blog on tumblr, and even though I do have that set up, I decided to go with WordPress. I’m still pretty new to Second Life, but blogging is something I’ve done for a long time. There are so many blogs out there for SL fashion, and I can’t promise anything new or inventive on this blog, but I will be myself. Btw, you can call me Nadira. Read the rest of this entry »